Where is My Tribe?

When you look at all that is happening in your life, and the world around you, have you ever wondered…

“Where is MY group of friends who are truly my people? The ones who have time for me, the ones who understand me, the ones who think the best of me on my worst day. Where are the women who see me, hear me and love me as I am. But even more importantly, where are the women who will help me see myself as God sees me?”

​Have you ever felt a longing in your heart to be fully seen, fully known, and fully loved by a community of friends who stand with you no matter what?


Have you ever wished you could be mentored in your faith by other women who know you, know your situation and love and support you personally?


Have you ever looked around your life and wondered - “Where is MY TRIBE?”

Core Values of MY TRIBE

  • A place to BELONG, to be SEEN, KNOWN and LOVED

  • A place to LEARN from people who have personally experienced what they are teaching

  • A place to BE ENCOURAGED in our every-day life and in our faith

  • A place to CELEBRATE each other and our strengths

  • A place to EXPERIENCE God’s goodness and the goodness of each other

  • A place to ENJOY a CULTURE OF HONOR where loving does not mean fixing

  • A place to have the FREEDOM to express our unique perspective and ideas

  • A place to GROW in our intimacy with God

  • A place to DISCOVER and PRACTICE our unique, God-given identity

  • A place to START, GROW and INVEST in YOU

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