I am uncomfortable with being comfortable, and as believers in Christ, the Church should be, too. If I am comfortable with where I am spiritually and if I find myself complacent in my walk with Christ, I am not making progress. Instead, I am saying: “OK God. Let me tell you all the things I know about the Bible. I know about the Ark, Pharaoh, the feeding of the five thousand, Passover, the crucifixion and resurrection, and all of the miracles you performed, that’s enough to witness to someone. That’s enough information to keep me in the loop at church. I’m okay with the basics.” That sounds horrible to read, and we immediately recognize the errors in that.

Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult to recognize such errors in day-to-day life. We get comfortable with the God who does miracles and is loving and gracious, but become uncomfortable with the God who brings judgement and consequences. We are only comfortable with the 'cool' God and not the disciplinary God. We stop desiring Him the moment we realize just how powerful he is. We often lose our desire to learn once we have the big picture memorized, but sadly forget to learn the details. We only scratch the surface, and when we become comfortable with a surface-level faith, we miss out on all that God wants to show us. Are you comfortable with where you are? Are you satisfied in your walk and your actions?


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